Friday, October 30, 2009

World War I Gamebox

World War I is a simulation on the army level of the land combat in Europe from 1914 to 1918. the simulation is primarily a land conflict with the secondary influence of naval forces abstractly simulated. The game covers five years in semi-annual (six-month) turns.

Historical and free setup scenarios. Includes additional counters.

1994 Decision Games edition

WW1 at BGG:

Updated gamebox!
  • Added a back-side to the additional BH counters, for beachheads that are overrun by CP but can later be restored
  • Creates Fortress Counters for ZunTzu, because it is difficult to see the map fortress icons with counters over them.
  • Both scenarios have lots of copies of the charts around the map for easier reference
Download ztb (v2):
Download ztb (v1):
Download game rules:


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  1. nicely done! just got a copy of this on ebay-spi version. let me know if you want a game on zt.