Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vietnam Solitaire

Vietnam Solitaire puts the player in the shoes of the South Vietnamese army as they fight off the communists in the 60s and 70s. The player will control units representing ARVN, US Regulars, US Air-Cav, Napalm, B52s and Special Forces fighting against a simulated North Vietnamese & Viet Cong enemy.

The game is designed to be fast-play (approx. 60-90 minutes per game). The components consist of rules, 56 counters and a map of South Vietnam.

Vietnam Solitaire at BGG: BoardGameGeek.com
Buy the game ($4): wargamedownloads.com

Vietnam Mac OS X UB: Vietnam.dmg (v1.1.2 - 2011-09-20)
Vietnam Windows: Vietnam.zip (v1.1.2 - 2011-09-20)
This program is a BGGames01 production and not part of the Vietnam Solitaire game purchase.

Downloads - Rules
Rules: Vietnam-RulesOnly.pdf (v1 - 2011-09-20)
Rules does not include game components. If you like this game, go over to wargamedownloads.com and buy it. It's only $4.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Battle Line Module

Battle Line is a two-player card game built around the theme of warfare during the age of Alexander the Great. Battle Line features 60 full-color Rodger MacGowan/Mark Simonitch cards depicting the prominent formations of the period (War Elephants, Heavy Cavalry, Phalanx, etc.) and 10 full-color tactics "wildcards" that give players extra flexibility and choices and help make each new battle wildly different from the last.

Battle Line takes about 30 minutes to play. To win, you must create powerful formations along your side of the line of battle that are superior to those of your enemy. Victory goes to the player who wins 5 of the 9 battle flags (an envelopment) or three adjacent flags (a breakthrough). Based on Reiner Knizia's original design published in Germany as Shotten-Totten, Battle Line enhances and expands that game system to give players even more tactical options and gut-wrenching decisions.
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How will you muster your battle line? Will you use your elephants to trample a hole in the enemy front, or send Alexander to the front to win a critical flag? Maybe you'll dispatch the Companion cavalry to lead or reinforce a crucial point in the line, or perhaps you"ll rely on your spies to determine the enemy"s strengths and weaknesses before committing your best forces. You'll always have plenty of choices. With every card play, you'll determine the strength and direction of your attack while plotting to fend off your enemy's advances.

In Battle Line, you and your opponent lead the combined arms of the greatest units of the era. Will you, like Alexander, reign supreme? Play Battle Line, and find out.

Battle Line at BGG: BoardGameGeek.com
VASSAL: vassalengine.org

Downloads - Module
Deluxe: BattleLine-Deluxe.vmod (v1.0 - 2011-09-18)
Asterix: BattleLine-Asterix.vmod (v1.0 - 2011-09-18)
Morkopeli: BattleLine-Morkopeli.vmod (v1.0 - 2011-09-18)
WW2: BattleLine-WW2.vmod (v1.0 - 2011-09-18)
NOTE: All modules are the same and compatible, but with different card graphics. You can play a game against someone with a different flavor module from yours.

Downloads - Rules
Rules: BattleLineRules.pdf (v1.0 - 2011-09-18)