Game Index

Game VASSAL ZunTzu Notes
Afrika Korps Yes Yes
Airships No Yes
Alesia: Great Battles of History Yes No
Assault (GDW) Yes No
Attack Sub Yes Yes
Ave Caesar No Yes
B-17 Queen of the Skies Yes No
Battle Cry Yes No
Battle for Germany Yes Yes
Battle Line Yes No Flavors
BattleLore Yes No All expansions
Blue & Gray No Yes
Caesar at Alesia Yes No
Chicago Express Yes No
Cold War No Yes
D-Day at Omaha Beach Yes No
Dominion Yes No Intrigue, Seaside, Alchemy, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, Dark Ages, Guilds, Promo
Eclipse Yes No
Field Commander: Alexander the Great Yes No
First Team: Vietnam Yes No
Formula Dé Yes No
Fortress America (MB) Yes Yes
Gettysburg 88 Yes Yes
Guerilla No Yes
Hammer of the Scots Yes No
Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War Yes No
Illuminati Deluxe Yes No Bavarian Fire Drill, Y2K, Mutual Assured Distraction, Unconstitutional!
Julius Caesar Yes No
Lost Cities Yes No
NATO: The Next War in Europe Yes Yes
No Peace Without Spain! Yes No
Oil War Yes No
Onslaught: D-Day to the Rhine No Yes
Patton's Best Yes Yes
Paul Koenig's D-Day Yes No
Pocket Battle Game #1: Rattenkrieg Yes No
Raid on St. Nazaire Yes No
Rallyman Yes No Rallyman: Dirt
Rommel in the Desert Yes No
Rosenkönig (War of the Roses) Yes No
Shenandoah: Jackson's Valley Campaign Yes No
Space Hulk: Death Angel Yes No Deathwing Space Marine Pack, Mission Pack 1, Space Marine Pack, Tyranid Enemy Pack
Storm over Arnhem Yes No
Talisman Revised 4th Edition No Yes The Reaper, The Dungeon, The Frostmarch
Tet Offensive Yes No
The Siege of Jerusalem Yes No
Thirty Years War: Europe in Agony, 1618-1648 Yes Yes
Thunderbolt/Apache Leader (GMT) Yes No
Tokyo Express Yes No
Vietnam Solitaire Yes No Mac/Win program
World War 1 No Yes