Sunday, January 24, 2010

NATO: The Next War in Europe Gamebox

NATO: The Next War in Europe is an operational level simulation of potential NATO/Warsaw Pact conflict in Central Europe. The game is played on a single mapsheet, depicting the area from Denmark to the Swiss Alps, and from France to Poland. Each player maneuvers ground forces that include armor, mech, infantry, airborne, airmobile, and marine units in an effort to control - or deny - key geographical objectives. Designed to be played in one sitting, NATO combines ease of play with a sophisticated integrated system of unit differentiation, command and supply structure, air power, force projection, chemical warfare, and tactical nuclear warfare.


Download ztb:
Download Documents:
(includes: Rules, Player Inserts (Charts&Tables), Rules Summary, Strategies, The War of Nerves (new scenario), The War of Nerves 1981 Variant)

NEW! Download VASSAL module:
By Richard Lee


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