Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Storm Over Arnhem Module

This is the first of the Area-Impulse games done by Avalon Hill which later included Thunder at Cassino, Turning Point: Stalingrad and Breakout Normandy. The game simulates the ferocious battle for the Arnhem Bridge on September 18-21, 1944.

The game begins with the British holding the area around the bridge, surrounded by the Germans. They try to hold out for as long as they can.
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Each full turn covers 8 hours and includes many mini-turns (or impulses). Each impulse, the player can move or fire a small number units. Once moved or fired, the units are "spent" and cannot move again until the next turn.

Combat is handled by calculating attack defense values and each side rolling 2 dice. The difference (if the attacker has the higher total) in final point values is the number of casualty points the defender must lose by spending or destroying units.

The games is of relatively low complexity for a wargame and rates 3 (out of 10) on AH's difficulty scale.

Storm Over Arnhem at BGG:

Download mod (created by Steve Bishop):
Download Rules:
Rules are from the '93 Folio edition. The main difference is that these rules describe using numbered chits instead of 2d6.
Download The General articles (Vol. 19-1,19-2,21-1,25-3):
Download Countersheets:
Countersheets are from the '81 Boxed edition. They include the variant counters for "The Crossing", not currently supported by the VASSAL module.


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