Monday, August 16, 2010

Thirty Years War: Europe in Agony, 1618-1648 Gamebox & Module

A direct descendant of Paths of Glory, 30 Years War covers the confusing post-Reformation conflict in central Europe, as the Holy Roman Empire attempts to reassert domination over the protestant states. On the side of Catholicism we have the Holy Roman Empire (Austria and some of Northern Italy at this point) and Spain, opposed by a cast of thousands: the German Protestants, Sweden at the height of her power, France, England, Denmark, and others.
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While there are some new mechanics, virtually the entire game is borrowed from elsewhere: Leader activations and movement are as in Hannibal, combat is straight out of Paths of Glory (minus the flanking), and Siege resolves much Hannibal. Your armies have to be paid, with Aid Points that are received just like Paths of Glory's RPs. An interesting twist is that the movement and support of armies results in the landscape getting Pillaged, so as the game goes on the board becomes less and less capable of supporting military operations.

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