Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pocket Battle Game #1: Rattenkrieg Module

A solitaire postcard game of the intense fighting for the Tractor Factory in the Battle for Stalingrad. The player takes the roll of the Germans as he maneuvers panzers, infantry, and elite pioneers into the ruins to hunt down the Soviets. Ambushes, snipers, and tough decisions await the Germans as they push deeper into the city.

The longer the game lasts the more Soviet Reinforcements infiltrate through the ruins to surround and cut off the attackers. To win the player will have to master warfare in the most brutal of all WWII battlefields

Rattenkrieg is literally "War of the Rats" and is the name given to irregular and deadly city fighting. Brought published by Turning Point Simulations and designed by Steven Cunliffe who also made The Hell of Stalingrad.

Rattenkrieg at BGG:

Downloads - VASSAL (Rules inside)
Module: Rattenkrieg.vmod (v1.0 - 2011-05-05)



  1. Hey I have all the graphics for Thunderstone ready. Would you be able to offer any assistance to helping me make a vassal module for it as this is my first one :)


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