Friday, November 13, 2009

Blue & Gray Gamebox

Simple, hex-and-counter, introductory wargame. Some of the scenarios do a good job of representing civil war tactics.

Players maneuver colorful counters representing infantry, cavalry and artillery units that actually fought at each battle. Four full color maps depict the actual battle sites with a background grid overlay that regulates deployment, movement and combat. The updated rules booklet presents the player with playing rules and a short history of each battle. Recreate America's epic struggle of brother against brother.
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First Bull Run: Both side thought the war could be settled in one battle.

Shiloh: A Confederate surprise attack fails in the face of a tenacious Union defense.

Second Bull Run: Blood again stains the soil near where the first battle was fought.

Cemetery Hill: Overlooking Gettysburg--determined confederates couldn't capture it in three days of fighting.

Chickamauga: The Confederates seek to avenge the Union's capture of Chattanooga.

Third Edition, 1995 Decision Games

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