Friday, February 8, 2013

Update: Formula Dé

Updated Formula Dé to version 2.1.
  • Added automation to setup in dashboards
  • Gear selection now shows in dashboards
  • Can select gear in dashboard
  • Can roll for current gear from car
  • Faster car rotation
  • Changes to dashboard are logged
  • Circuit overview added
  • Weather indicator
  • Other minor changes
Get it here:


  1. A group of us in BGG's Voice Gamer's Guild played a round tonight - it is so great to have a working dashboard! We did have a couple of syncing issues that we couldn't figure out though - several people couldn't see each other's dice rolls, and for some reason the gear indicators on the cars never seemed to sync right. Aside from that it worked great though.

  2. Has it worked correctly since then? Or might there be something wrong with the module?

  3. We actually haven't had another play yet, and the Vassal server was having some issues so it's possible it was related to that (though it's weird everything *but* those two seemed to sync fine). Once I manage to get some folks into another game I'll have to be sure to report back.