Saturday, February 8, 2014

Update: Formula Dé

Updated Formula Dé Circuits 2 extension to version 2.1. Added New Jersey and Sotchi circuits in low resolution. It's not pretty, but it's playable.

Updated Formula Dé Circuits 1 extension to version 1.1. Added the missing #34 Shanghai and #35 Bahrain. They are not the same quality as the others, but playable.

Get it here:


  1. Would you happen to have the other Racerline tracks? I see you have one pack with about 14 or so in it. There were 25 all together I believe, including some American courses.

    Thanks for the outstanding collecitons! I'd love to get some of the 3rd party Web releases in hires.


    1. Hi Will,

      These are the older Racerline tracks unique to Racerline – based on existing tracks with fantasy names given. The later tracks were mostly existing Formula De tracks remade with new graphics, but exactly the same track. I don't know about any American courses. Either way I don't have more than is available here.

      The 3rd party user made tracks have a widely varying range of scales and qualities. They were all up or down scaled to have the same relative scale as the other tracks for VASSAL play.