Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ave Caesar Gamebox

Set in a Roman Coliseum, players use cards to move their chariots around a quasi-variable track. The track itself has bottlenecks and lane-changing restrictions, which make the race interesting for the racers (very similar to Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix or Daytona 500). Players are required to race three laps, and they must stop to 'Hail Caesar' before they can finish (a pit stop). The game is light, but if you waste too many moves taking the longer, outside-routes on corners, you may not have enough movement to finish the race. Later, the game was revamped into Ausgebremst, with the most notable changes being modular boards and options to reduce the luck.

Includes the original dual layout boards A and B, and also the two new edition boards, as well as one custom board.

Ave Caesar at BGG: ZunTzu

Download ztb:
Download game rules (original edition + ausgebremst variant):
Download game rules (new edition):



  1. It looks really amazing!!! And you are a master with figures, i told you before but it's true, this time the overall look it's even better.

    But only one track?
    i would use some more >)