Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gettysburg 88 Module & Gamebox

Gettysburg is a game played by moving blue and gray units representing the infantry, cavalry and artillery formations present at the historic battle on detailed mapboard representing the actual battlefield's terrain. You can be Gen. Robert E. Lee and command the hard-hitting Confederate Army of North Virginia… or You can be Gen. George G. Meade and command the stubborn but unlucky Union Army of the Potomac in its greatest crisis. Will history repeat itself or can it be changed? Your decisions will make the difference.

Gettysburg 88 at BGG:

Download vmod (created by Bill Thomson, Jeff Wise, Brent Easton):
Download ztb (created by Joao):
Download Rules (package):
  • Rules
  • Battle Manual
  • Errata
  • Setup
  • Optional Rules
  • The General articles
Download Rules (The General additional):
Download Rules (additional package):
  • Terrain Clarification
  • Rule Clarifications (PBEM)
  • PBEM Rules Format


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