Saturday, March 27, 2010

Patton's Best Module & Gamebox

Solitaire game of tank command. You control your Sherman tank (17 variations) and crew. Move into a new territory and deal with what you encounter.

From the back of the box:
PATTON'S BEST is The Avalon Hill Game Company's new solitaire game that puts you in the commander's seat of a Sherman tank in George Patton's best fighting division, the 4th Armored. You can play through a short engagement, a complete day of movement and battle, or follow the day-by-day European campaign of the 4th Armored Division. THe success and survival of your tank depends on your decisions.
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Button up for the safety or fight from an open hatch for better visibility? What type of ammo to load and fire at which target? Move forward for a more deadly side short, fall back to a hull down position, or put down a smoke screen?

You control only your tank and crew. Each crew member is rated for skill at his position, and his rating will affect how well he performs. Your crew will start with relatively low ratings, but if they can survive to become veterans, their ratings and the efficiency of your tank can improve. You will start out in a basic M4 Sherman tank, but may later command any of 17 different Sherman variations. The solitaire game system controls the generation and action of the German units you will be facing, and the rest of the American task force of which you are part. Included are three types of scenarios: Advances, representing the breakthroughs and rapid movements through enemy territory; Battles, where the Division is attacking prepared enemy positions; and Counterattacks, where you defend against german attacks.

• Command any one of 17 different American Sherman tank variations or the British Sherman Firefly variant included for comparisons.
• Fight a single engagement, a day of battle, or the entire campaign of the 4th Armored Division.
• Win promotions and decorations for valor.
• Skill ratings for each crew member affect performance and may improve.

Patton's Best at BGG:

Download mod (created by -E, expanded by BGGames01 – 2011-07-17):
v0.98 adds the East Front Campaign counters and charts
Download ztb (created by Gary Krockover): Best.ztb
Download Rules:
Download Charts:


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